Saturday, March 10, 2007

Foreign Experiences

This view of the world which I learned about in treating patients with MPD/DID is not the American Way, of course. Therefore, I found it advisable to attend professional meeting of hypnosis experts around the world. I found a willing publisher for my articles in Sweden. My first book was published in Japanese, and I have lectured extensively there. I have presented this material in Germany, Italy, England, Mexico and Canada as well. I went to Russia with a group of fellow therapists and found people who had been the children left after the Nazis killed half the people in Leningrad during WWII. They were now the adult professors but could not study child abuse issues, since they were the children who survived World War II in Russia.

I did find that my therapy plan for multiples worked as well in other countries as it did for me in the USA. So I have no hesitation in recommending my methods to those in other countries. MPD and DID, by my definitions, are not North American mental disorders, as some skeptics have claimed. They are post-traumatic emotional stress disorders and can happen to any susceptible person so traumatized in any county or culture.